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Industrial automation

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Industrial automation and SCADA & MES systems

We create second-level industrial automation systems and the know-how of our staff allows us to deal with the most complex integrations, interfacing with microprocessors and hardware systems in many fields of application.

As a system integrator, we are able to interface with your actual software, in order to create SCADA integrations (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and guarantee our customers systems that are able to monitor, collect data and control an industrial manufacturing plant.

We also develop MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems that manage  orders, production planning and real-time monitoring of the production process.

Finally we are able to provide turnkey solutions, which include not only software, but also hardware (servers, industrial PCs, microcontrollers, IoT, …).

Management systems

Management systems and ERP

  • Production Management

    Solutions to manage the production processes, packing process included. System integration with the software already in use by our customers.

  • ERP

    Software to manage  resources planning and easy to interface with the existing solutions in place.

  • Other systems

    We developed also CRM solution and management software for medical centers.

Digital Display

Interactive systems of 'way finding' and customer engagement

We created specific products to help retailers to increase customers’ engagement, creating benefits to flagship stores and malls


Internet of Things

With the term Internet of Things (IoT) we refer to a wide range of devices that connect to the Internet and communicate with other devices, with integrated sensors, connected via wireless networks (eg cellular, WiFi, …). This technology impacts on the way we relate to our environment and it can be also used to monitor our health status.

Examples of IoT devices are autonomous cars, smart appliances and wearable technology. The IoT aims not only to improve health and environmental issues, but also to simplify our everydays’ life.


Active IoT devices in 2019


Companies that will adopt IoT within 2020

We work on three main areas:

Feasibility analysis

We are able to support you in the feasibility analysis of your technological project in the IoT or Industrial Automation field.

Production processes

We’are able to investigate on  your production process in order to see how and where it can be improved or automated through technology.


We realize the first prototype of your project or idea, providing a clear understanding of the needs in the event of an higher volume production.