AG Informatica

since 20myears experts in software engineering and industrial automation

Technological solutions to lead your company's processes

We are a team of developers, who have gained solid experience in complex industrial automation projects. We operate both in Italy and abroad.

As an example, we  realize:

  • Complex second-level industrial automation systems
  • SCADA & MES systems
  • Interactive totems and interactive mirrors
  • Robots and systems with microprocessors
  • Telemetry
  • Robotics systems
  • Production management software
  • ERP
  • IoT
  • Firmware for microprocessors

We design software with the latest development tools and languages ​​such as C #, HTML5 and CSS, Java, ASP.NET, C, VB.NET

We are also able to deliver system integration projects, interfacing with microprocessors and hardware systems in many fields of application.

If necessary, we also provide turnkey packages, not only with the software part, but also with the hardware part (servers, industrial PCs, microcontrollers, etc.).

What we do

Industrial automation software. Erp and management systems.

In which sectors?

We operate in the main sectors driven by high innovation rate

Why us?

For the experience achieved in more than 20 years of activity.